Monday, February 21, 2011

Sorry just dont cut it...

Kenapa lelaki selalu igt depa boleh tipu pempuan n get away with it?? Aku dah ckp byk kali, klu nak tipu pon jgn bagi aku tau... i dnt care... i know u lied, but i dnt want to be certain about it. bkn nya 1st time, u kept doing this over n over again. i'm not a fucking dumb girl!!! i know that my feeling towards u cloud my jugdement sometime, tp tu x bermakna u can do whatever u like. have u ever consider what i feel when u lie to me, and the fact that i know u lie but i pretend i dont, so that we dont start a fight?

Sorry just dont cut it when u said u left ur phone in the locker at work, therefore not answering my calls n replying my text when in fact u were fb-ing at the very exact moment via mobile.

Sorry just dont cut it when u said u had to do overtime until 3am when u told me the nite b4 it was only until 10pm where in fact u were out with the boys. I KNOW.

Sorry just dont cut it when u said u gonna text me when u're back from work, i waited all day for u, just to received a text saying "i'm tired, work early tomorrow. bye"

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